10 October 2016 @ 09:07 pm
1. Toxic (Cover)------ Alex & Sierra
2. Sick of Losing Soulmates----- Dodie Clark
3. Everybody Loves Me------ OneRepublic (Ben)
4. Crybaby----- Melanie Martinez (Rose)
5. Stop Desire----- Tegan & Sara
6. Strange Love----- Halsey
7. Carousel----- Melanie Martinez
8. I'll Be Good----- Jaymes Young (Ben)
9. Breathe Me----- Sia (Rose)
10. Bottom of My Heart----- Bleu & Alexz Johnson
11. Timebomb---- Tove Lo
12. Over Overthinking You---- Christina Grimmie
13. King----- Lauren Aquilina (Ben)
14. Monster----- The Girl and the Dreamcatcher
15. Rock Bottom----- Hailee Steinfeld & DNCE
16. Desire----- Years & Years
17. IDFC---- Blackbear
18. Just a Dream---- Christina Grimmie & Sam Tsui



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 So for my Dreams in Fiction Writing class...we had to write an erotic dream sequence. Yeah, I know.  And to be completely honest, the first idea that popped into my head was a Julia/Arianna fantasy dream (I've been writing a lot of stories for class in Julia's's really fun/interesting writing in her POV). 

But the thought of writing a sex scene (let alone a lesbian sex scene...i didn't want to screw it up!) terrified I had my roommate, Kara,
write a lot of it. So she wrote quite a bit...then I
 finished it.

Ugh...I think it's terrible (minus Kara's part) but whatever. 

She wrote from: "Julia leaned back in her bed and felt her head sink in her pillow." to "Julia gently kissed Arianna neck in response." and then I changed a few words here & there to make it sound like I wrote it..haha.

Enjoy! (tell me how bad it is!)

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Julia shifted turning to her side and in one swoop of her right arm embraced her bright blue bed spread.  The material crumpled underneath her arm and she took another deep breath. Drifting into lucid dreaming, Julia suddenly felt a light touch on her arm as though it was a graze of a hand. It felt warm, caring, and most of all…right. The touch moved to her face, brushing away her hair and slowly moved down towards her chest. Julia’s eyes opened slowly only to see Arianna’s blue eyes. Julia had already known it was her. The world for a moment felt simple as if the two small and delicate people lying on the blue bed comforter were the only ones that were important in this god forsaken world. 
Julia’s head moved towards Arianna only to be met with a soft and gentle kiss. The kiss felt like an explosion of fireworks to Julia and as the kiss continued it felt more and more comfortable, more and more right. Julia unbuttoned her bright pink cardigan, one button at a time and Arianna unzipped her forest green skirt. The skirt slid down Arianna’s legs and suddenly there was no barrier separating them. They clinged to each other as they kissed. Julia and Arianna felt as though they were one. Julia felt Arianna’s hand move down her body from her shoulders, to her stomach, and felt her pants unbutton. Julia’s heart skipped a beat as she felt Arianna reach underneath. Julia gently kissed Arianna's neck in response.
Julia did not want this feeling to end. This feeling of closeness, this feeling of pure bliss. She felt if she died right now, she would be the happiest girl in the world.
Arianna began to send a trail of soft, warm kisses down Julia’s body. From the nape of her neck all the way to below her stomach. 
Julia gasped at the overwhelming emotions she was feeling. This was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. She wish it would never end.
Julia tightly gripped her headboard. A sudden jolt of electricity shot through her. At least that what it felt like.
Julia’s entire body felt like it was going to explode. She knew what was going to happen. 
Just when Julia was really enjoying this sexual encounter with the girl of her dreams, she quickly woke up from her very obscure yet very exciting dream.
Julia now knew that these feelings for Arianna Cromwell were never going to go away. A part of her hated this fact, but there was another part of her that wanted to embrace it.


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 I kinda like this...but then I kinda don't. There was just SO much that I wanted to have happen in it, that I kinda rushed it & I don't think I portrayed all the emotion I wanted to. And I wrote this in first person (Arianna's POV), since while I was writing this in my Fiction Writing tutoring class, my tutor felt (& I agreed) that I would convey a lot more emotion in first yep, I tried my best to capture Arianna's voice.

Let me know what you think.

I peered at my reflection in the floor length mirror in my room. I was currently inspecting my outfit for tonight’s festivities. Tonight was the big Homecoming Dance and for once in my life, I finally had a date this year. I was going with the beautiful, Lily Collins. 

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03 March 2012 @ 01:53 am

this is really old (from about a year ago)...but I figured since I'm on my computer at home (& it seems to be corporating nicely), I'd post some old stuff on my computer...just so I had SOMETHING else on here!
I believe you've read this ya go! :)


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27 February 2012 @ 12:12 pm
Lily Collins is the new girl in school. But she’s not interested in making friends. Instead of partying and gossiping in the wee hours of the night, Lily spends her time studying. But then she meets Arianna Cromwell, the freaky weirdo girl at her new school, and surprisingly the two hit it off. This leads to a invitation to a party. At this party she decides to have a little bit of fun. After all she deserves it. What will occur on this crazy Friday night?
Arianna Cromwell/Lily Collins

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