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School Friends...Or Foes Chapter 1

Ask Arianna Cromwell how long she's known Constance Wood, and the young girl will say: a little less than a year. Ask her how long that year has felt to her and she'll respond: forever. While Arianna didn't physically live with the 'forever seventeen' vampire, it sure felt like she did with how much time she spent at the Wood's home in Sydney.

      With her mum, Alena, always either 1) not having any time for her or 2) talking non-stop of ways to bring the Cromwell name up among the vampire council families, and using a six year old Arianna to do just that. How exactly, Arianna had no idea. But she could have sworn she heard her mother and Uncle Isaac Wood mention a marriage between herself and her cousin of similar age, James Wood.

     "Yuck," Arianna muttered to herself as she eavesdropped on their conversation the other day. But assuming this would never happen based on how ludicrous it was, she put the thought out of her mind.

      Various friends of Alena's would always fawn over Arianna whenever they saw her. "She's getting so tall!" Beatrice Quinn said, as she patted Arianna's golden locks. "With those beautiful eyes and cute little smile of yours, you're going to have all the boys lining up outside your door," teased Caroline Lockwood. Whenever any adult would flutter these remarks her way, Arianna would just nod and smile in agreement. She was just a kid, why were all the female adults talking about boys? What was so special about them? The only thing she witnessed James and his half-brother Ben do was play-fight, get themselves covered in dirt and eat way too much food.

     The one time Arianna always looked forward to was when Alena would drop her off at the Wood's; which was at least once a week. Her mother always had some meeting with the women on the Vampire Council that she just had to attend. Alena also figured that Arianna and James could get to know each other better by doing this. "We're cousins; we already know each other really well!" Arianna and James always said to their parents. Besides, the only current interests that filled James' and Ben's heads were sports, and a game similar to humans' version of 'Cops and Robbers' called: 'Humans and Vampires' (humans try and kill vampires, pretty self explanatory). Ben tried to get James into Pokemon, but alas it had no effect. He vowed to find someone that adored the show as much as he did - one day. No, who got Arianna all excited to visit the Woods' was the lovable Constance. 

     The second Arianna's feet jumped from her Mum's Volvo to the black asphalt, Constance was always waiting for her with open arms and a giant bear hug. 

     "Hey Annie!" Constance yelled with glee at the first sight of the little blonde vampire.

     "You're only calling her Annie cause I came up with it!" an annoyed little Ben said, tugging on Constance's navy jumper to both get her attention and show his frustration. 

     Constance just patted the younger Wood brother's head as a way to appease his little mind.

     Ben rolled his eyes and ran after his older brother who was prompting him to a game of tag.

     Arianna wrapped her arms around Constance's torso, out of both sheer excitement and comfort. The older vamp was more of a mother figure to her then her own Mum. She looked up at the seventeen year old in admiration. Throughout their visits, Constance had tried her best to instill all the right morals and ideas in the young six year old as opposed to what her Mum was probably brainwashing her.

     "Arianna, you're going to mess up your beautiful curls!" Alena yelled to her eldest daughter as she tried to pull her away from Constance.

     Constance and Arianna shared looks of annoyance. The amount of times she heard Alena telling something was wrong with her physical appearance was appalling. There wasn't a moment where she wasn't fixing Arianna's outfit, posture, manners, etc. She's six! Let her be a child, Constance always thought to herself.

     The joyous mood between the two girls was halted when Alena loudly cleared her throat. "I should be back around 5pm tonight," she explained. "Is Isaac home or are you the closest thing to an adult that's present in the house?"

     Constance tried to hide her distaste for this woman in a smile. "Technically, he's here. But he's on a business call with Blake Lockwood, so we're not going to see him much."

     Arianna glanced between her Mum and Constance. She wondered if they would ever grow to get along. Right now, it didn't seem possible.

     It didn't take long for Alena to quickly kiss her daughter goodbye and drive away to do whatever it was that couldn't involve Arianna.

     The entire day consisted of all of the kids' favourite activities - Constance always made sure of it. From watching their favourite television shows, to going on hikes (or adventure walks as Ben called them) in the nearby woods by their house; no one seemed to get tired of each other or in what they were doing.

     Even though being a vampire had obviously never been ideal for Constance (nor her living situation most of the time with the insufferable Isaac Wood)- she wouldn't trade being a sort of mentor to these kids for anything in the world. 

     While she loved each child equally, it was Arianna she shared a special connection with. It's not like Arianna had many friends to call her own. She blamed her mother for not feeling public school was necessary at her age. 

     Constance always made sure that the two girls in the house had special time dedicated to just the two of them.

     Today they had decided to continue watching Constance's favourite show, Friends, while dressing up Constance's stuffed penguin, Hugsy, in adorable outfits. 

     "Aw, you made him look so handsome, Annie!" Constance told the young blonde. She peered over at the other end of the living-room couch to where Arianna sat to get a better look at Hugsy's fashion ensemble. Hugsy was sporting a black tuxedo and black formal shoes. 
Constance even noticed that a tiny bouquet of violets was resting in the penguin's suit pocket. They were both Arianna's favourite flower and color; plus always the easiest thing to find on hand.

     "He's gonna look so nice at the Vampire Ball!" Arianna giggled, moving the penguin to and fro as if he was fully trained in the art of ballet.

     "The what?" Constance had just gotten used to the idea of drinking blood; she didn't know there was an actual ball for beings like her.

     Arianna let out a gasp so loud, Constance thought she had stopped breathing. Her mouth in the shape of a ginormous 'O' and "deer in the headlights" eyes completed the young girl's shocked expression. "You've never heard of the Vampire Ball?!"

     Constance slightly shook her head at the question. 

     Arianna fell backwards on the Wood's couch in dramatics, arms sprawled out at her sides. "It's only the most magical night of the year!" She gently lifted her head off the couch to share eye contact with Constance briefly. "At least that's what my Mum tells me."
    Closing her eyes, she could only imagine what the ball would look like. "I can't wait to go to one! I hear there's dancing, fancy blood cocktails-"

    "What do you know about blood cocktails, young lady?" Constance interrupted, playfully kicking Arianna's foot.

     "Nothing!" Arianna giggled at the silly questioning. "I just know my Mum always talks about them is all."

     "Oh I see," Constance replied.
     So as not to let this moment become tense or awkward,  Constance found it best to change the subject - she would wonder about Alena Cromwell's parenting later. "What else do you know about this Vampire Ball?" 

     "I know that Uncle Issac wanted to host it this year, but nobody will let him for some reason." 

     Constance bit her lip so hard at this that she thought blood was going to draw. She knew why Issac couldn't host the ball and had basically been shunned from the Vampire Council overall. It was all because of her. The fact that she was turned into a vampire, that Issac was forced to take her in; it was all her fault. Speaking of, she wondered how his call with Blake was going. 
     Just thinking of Blake Lockwood sent a shiver down her spine. 

     "What did you do to me?!" a newly turned Constance screamed. Her hand clutched her neck, where her two puncture wounds remained. Tears from both the pain and shock of it all just kept streaming down her face. 
     As she looked around her bedroom, she saw that he had left her. 

     "What's going on?" 
     Constance snapped out the flashback. "What?" It's okay, she would just have a nightmare about it in the middle of the night. 

     "In the episode, Connie. What's going on?" Arianna asked, pointing to the flat screen TV. 

     "Oh right," Constance smiled at the six year old, returning back to reality. 

      The episode they were watching was of Ross' ex-wife, Carol, marrying her girlfriend Susan. The pair were currently seen standing at the altar, about to say their "I Do's".

     Constance explained that the two women were getting married to each other, awaiting the confusion on Arianna's end. 

     "So," Arianna stared at the TV, now watching the reception of the wedding, "does that mean they love each other? Like you and I do?" she motioned to herself and Constance for clarification.

     "Hmm..." Constance tried to think of an example of two people in love in Arianna's life to explain further. Unfortunately, she knew that Arianna's parents, Alena and Marc, had been separated for quite some time now. It's doubtful that Arianna would even remember the pair as a couple together. She would just have to be as general as possible. "Love comes in many different types," she started to explain. "It doesn't matter if they're a boy or a girl. Love is love." 

     Arianna's expression contained both wide eyed wonderment and confusion - as shown by the head tilt. 

     I should just quit while I'm ahead and have her Mum explain this to her later, Constance thought to herself. 

     Arianna looked at the pretty dresses the two women were wearing as everyone watched them dance. An adorable smile spread across her face. Being in love with a girl looked like fun.
     Turning to Constance she asked, "Do you think they have never-ending sleepovers, spa days and fashion shows with each other?" She picked up Hugsy in all of his tuxedo glory to show off the fashion aspect.

     The brunette mentor laughed, "I suppose so."Okay, this is going better then I expected, she thought.

     "That sounds like fun!" Arianna squealed. "I can't wait to be in love!" 

     Constance noticed Arianna became very quiet, looking at the beige carpeting in the room as if deep in thought. 

     "Maybe one day when I'm older, I'll attend the Vampire Ball and meet my soulmate! Then I'll be in love, just like them!" 

     "You're a little hopeless romantic, aren't you, Annie?" Constance teased, playfully tapping the girl's knee while saying so. 

     "You know it!" Arianna giggled in response.

    "Good. Don't ever lose hope in finding love. Or be ashamed for who you love. Ever."


Hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter of School Friends...Or Foes. I'm going to be completely honest. This chapter was one of those types of chapters where it worked much better in my head versus on paper - so I'm sorry for how all over it is. (I'll probably re-write this in the future). Plus I wanted to finally give you SOMETHING. I know you all have been waiting forever for this. The next chapters should be published a LOT sooner then this one. 

Next chapter, you guys finally get to meet Clarissa! GET EXCITED! 

Next chapter, you guys finally get to meet Clarissa! GET EXCITED! 

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2016 Scrapbook!!

Kelly's 2016 Scrapbook!
  • WRITE MORE! (Whether that be recaps, F&F/fic, fiction...just write more, okay?!) (So far, I suck at this)
  • Get a big girl job (this girl does not want to pay for her own insurance come November)DONE!
  • Be more assertive/extroverted/not give a damn what people think (working on this...)
  • 'Come out' to the fam (if the moment is 'right', etc.)
  • Actually complete this scrapbook!!

= favorite
= well written, outstanding production, gold, etc.
= lgbtq+ related
= shows/films I cover/write about on various sites!

LET'S DO THIS!!! (and actually finish this!)

2016: The Year of the Kat )
Books: ------ (this will change...hopefully)

-000. Format. Title. Release Date. Cast. Date Watched. (Comments).
-001. Web Series. Out With Dad. 07/8/10. Kate Conway. Lindsey Middleton. Jonathan Robbins/Will Conlon. Caitlynne Medrek, etc. Started watching right before Season 3 aired, I think? Binged watched both seasons in a couple of days. Now, watching as new episodes come out.
(This show though! I know I say how great & outstanding a show just about everything I watch. But this webseries takes the cake! It focuses on a single dad raising his teenage daughter. She starts questioning her sexuality, and in turn the father wonders if her daughter is gay, too. What's great about it is it focuses on both the daughter's & father's perspective on coming out (and life in general)'s actually relate-able. Not just in that aspect, either! The teen characters on the show live relatively normal teenage lives and act as though any teenager would. There are no crazed parties filled with underage drinking, ridiculous fashion choices (*coughPLLcough*) & the actors look like high schoolers! And can I just mention the topics within the LGBTQ+ community they focus on: coming out (duh), being outed, transgender representation, bisexual representation (this includes biphobia!!), religious unsupportive parents (also Catholic schools!), the issues of lgbtq+ homelessness, and the list goes on and on. Episodes range from 3-22 minutes, and it's currently in its 4th season.
They air episodes monthly (sometimes twice a month!). Also: the show is completely made via donations. So, if you watch the show and adore it...PLEASE think about donating. Even something as little as a $1 a month helps. (Personally, I recommend donating $5 so you can receive exclusive behind the scenes content/rough drafts of episodes!) Go here to donate. If you're looking for more LGBTQ+ content, WATCH THIS SHOW! You won't regret it. Note: Season 4 is a little iffy tbh, but it's 1) due to a 3 year time jump (& they originally were going to be done with the series...even though the S3 finale left off SUCH a cliffhanger) and 2) during early s4 eps, their budget was super minimal. But 10 episodes in Season 4 and overall episodes are improving immensely. As you can see, I'm a little passionate about this show.
-002. TV Show. Reign. (In Mid Season 3). 1/8/16. Watching as it airs. Adelaide Kane. Torrance Coombs. Megan Follows. Anna Popplewell, etc.
(Hahaha, my 2015 scrapbook & saying how I love this show. I consider this show the Glee of historical(?) dramas. Had a great first season, and decent early second season. Then Mary/Conde/Francis happened (among other things) and everything went to shit. The writing, the character development, etc. And, why did Caitlin have to leave come Season 3?! (Her face made the show more tolerable). But with my obligations to recap/review the show (& that I have to watch every show I start until it ends), I must continue to watch it. Season 4, you look doubtful.
My Recaps/Articles for this show can be found here! READ/COMMENT! It helps me/our site SO much!
-003. TV Show. Girl Meets World. (In Mid Season 2) 1/8/16. Watching as it airs. Ben Savage. Danielle Fishel. Rowan Blanchard. Sabrina Carpenter, etc.
(Still love this freaking show! It continues to reference back to its predecessor, Boy Meets World, and touch on great topics. Also, I am Rilaya trash. I have every faith in this show that it'll eventually feature some sort of an LGBTQ+ character/couple. *prays*)
-004. TV Show. Shadowhunters. (Series Premiere/Season 1). 1/12/16. Watching (& live-tweeting!) as it airs. Katherine McNamara. Dominic Sherwood. Emeraude Toubia. Alberto Rosende. Matthew Daddario. Harry Shum Jr., etc.
(I never expected myself to adore this show as much as I do. I blame Kat/the cast. Everything that I love about the show, the show has. And everything I hate...diminished/only slightly present (sorry Jace/Clary fans). Looking forward to how this show unfolds. Will easily be my favorite show overall this year.)
My Recaps/Articles for this show can be found here! READ/COMMENT! It helps me/our site SO much! Please, I want to talk about this show/ships/characters/actors at LENGTH!!!
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Fan Mix: "Lovers & Liars' (Ben & Rose)

1. Toxic (Cover)------ Alex & Sierra
2. Sick of Losing Soulmates----- Dodie Clark
3. Everybody Loves Me------ OneRepublic (Ben)
4. Crybaby----- Melanie Martinez (Rose)
5. Stop Desire----- Tegan & Sara
6. Strange Love----- Halsey
7. Carousel----- Melanie Martinez
8. I'll Be Good----- Jaymes Young (Ben)
9. Breathe Me----- Sia (Rose)
10. Bottom of My Heart----- Bleu & Alexz Johnson
11. Timebomb---- Tove Lo
12. Over Overthinking You---- Christina Grimmie
13. King----- Lauren Aquilina (Ben)
14. Monster----- The Girl and the Dreamcatcher
15. Rock Bottom----- Hailee Steinfeld & DNCE
16. Desire----- Years & Years
17. IDFC---- Blackbear
18. Just a Dream---- Christina Grimmie & Sam Tsui



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2015 Scrapbook

Kelly's 2015 Scrapbook!sorry for never finishing you )
 -001. Webseries. Blue (Season 3). 3/28/14. Julia Stiles. Uriah Shelton. Jane O'Hara. Alexz Johnson. 1/1/14.  (Alexz has finally played an lgbtq+ person!! I can die happy! <33)
Favorite Quote: Lara to Blue: "I don't identify as a lesbian. I'm just me. I'm with her now. Ask me again the next time I fall in love."
-002. TV Show. Galavant. 1/4/15. Watching as it airs. (Songs by Alan Menken are a plus and it's a not to be taken serious type comedy show.)
 -003. TV Show. Switched at Birth (Season 4). 1/6/15. Watching as it airs. Katie LeClerc, Vanessa Marano. Lea Thompson. Lucas Grabeel.

       (LONG RANT TIME!: Ok, so my roommate is an ASL interpreter & we've both watched this show together for about 3 seasons now. Wow, we've lived together a LONG TIME! Anyway, she always calls out the show when they miss up something in the Deaf Culture, like misinterpreted signing or that a interpreter should be present, etc. And over the course of living with her I've grown to learn more about the deaf community (as she has about the LGBTQ+ community from me). Normally the mistakes this show makes are totally fine with her...until the Season 4 premiere occurred. Long story (hopefully) short: The main character, Daphne, (who is deaf) signed up for an advanced chemistry class and the professor demanded that she had to find herself her own interpreter that knew the Chemistry vocab.
Yeah, in the real world...this is illegal. The school should supply her an interpreter regardless! Also I'm fairly sure that they don't need to know all that extensive vocab (it would help...but it's not necessary). When they occurred on the show even I was livid, knowing that my roommate interprets for a living and as of right now that's mostly college classes. Rant over)
(UPDATE: Their current story arc with Bay is done extremely well and I applaud the writers, actors, etc. They're taking a sexual assault storyline and portraying it in a way that I personally have never seen on television. Bravo!)


-004. TV Show. Glee. (Season 6. FINAL Season. Thank GOD). 1/9/15'. Watching as it airs. Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Naya Rivera, etc.
(The only thing I have to say is thank goodness Heather, Naya, and Dianna are back because otherwise, I would not be nearly as invested. Of course I'd still watch it, but I need my ot3! Also Britttana. DON'T FUCK THIS UP RIB!)

 -005. TV Show. Girl Meets World. (In Mid Season 1) 1/9/15'. Watching as it airs. Ben Savage. Danielle Fishel. Rowan Blanchard. Sabrina Carpenter.
(Always been a HUGE fan of the original show, Boy Meets World, that my roommate & I had to tune into the spinoff. There's something about it that just tugs at my heartstrings and makes me all giddy. Maybe it's Sabrina's outstanding portrayal of Maya Hart, a girl with half a Mom and a Dad that left her. Maybe it's the constant BMW mentions or the power couple, Cory & Topanga being back in my life. Also for a Disney show, the writers push their limits constantly. The writing is smart and cohesive and it's not dumbed down for the younger generation. I can't wait to see what they do with episodes to come)

 -006. TV Show. The Originals. (In Mid Season 2) 1/19/15. Watching as it airs. Joseph Morgan. Daniel Gillies. Phoebe Tonkin. Leah Pipes. Charles Michael Davis. Danielle Campbell (slightly. There are 2 LGBTQ+ recurring characters with their own storylines, but of course the show overall isn't LGBTQ+ based)
(As of right now, I prefer this show over it's predecessor, The Vampire Diaries. Perhaps it's because I adore Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt so much (If only Claire would guest star more often!! D:). Maybe it's the fact that the show is still new, so the characters are fresh and they can develop (aside from the Original gang, which we've known for quite a while on TVD). I think the writing/mythology comes across much better here, but as mentioned, this show is only on its 2nd season...while TVD is on its 6th. Also, Josh is the cutest thing ever and it's great that we have an LGBTQ+ recurring character on this show! Don't even get me started on Josh & Aiden. (Yes, I am aware that TVD has Luke, but they haven't really given him much to work with :/)

-007. TV Show. The Fosters. (In Mid Season 2) 1/19/15'. Watching as it airs. Sherri Saum. Teri Polo. Maia Mitchell. Jake T. Austin. Cierra Ramirez. David Lambert. 
(This show is outstanding with LGBTQ+ representation. Not only that but every "issue" they tackle is done like no other teen/young adult show I've seen. The writers have certainly done their homework! :))

 -008. TV Show. The Vampire Diaries. (In Mid Season 6). 1/22/15'. Watching as it airs. Nina Dobrev. Ian Somerhalder. Paul Wesley. Candice Accola, etc. (even more slight then its spinoff. I don't even think it deserves this rainbow tbh. The LGBTQ+ character hardly appears on this show at this point. :/...UPDATE: lol, they killed the gay character off. Excuse me while I continue to love the spinoff for actually incorporating the gay recurring character into the storyline and giving him a love interest. kbye)
(First off, there was a point during my life where I was OBSESSED with this show (prob from s1-3. Then the show got semi-ridiculous. Now I'm just here for the cast members (ahem, like Glee, only not NEARLY as much. This show still has decent writing) and the recent Steroline storyline...OTP FINALLY HAPPENING?! PLEASE! I rarely give up on shows, so I'm in it for the long haul for this. At this point, I prefer the spinoff more)

-009. TV Show. Reign. (In Mid Season 2). 1/22/15. Watching as it airs. Adelaide Kane. Toby Regbo. Torrance Coombs. Caitlin Stasey. Megan Follows. Anna Popplewell, etc.
(Oh how I love this show. While
 I can't judge it on its historical accuracy, I adore the acting, the location/sets, the costumes...EVERYTHING! Sure, sometimes the show can get overdone/dramatic...but i don't know- I can't really describe my feels on this show. Anyone have any opinions on why I might love this show so much? Besides Caitlin, Adelaide's & Anna's perfection (really all the ladies.). 
My Recaps/Articles for this show can be found here! READ/COMMENT! It helps me/our site SO much!

-010. TV Show. Black Sails. (Season 2). 1/24/15. Watching as it airs (via the internet haha). Hannah New. Jessica Parker Kennedy. Toby Stephens. Luke Arnold. Zach McGowan, etc.
(I never thought I would watch something like this. I'm not a huge pirate fan and honestly, I tend to stick with my little YA-related shows (I hate change okay! haha). But you put hot lesbians/lady lovers in something and chances are...I'll watch it  ;) That's exactly what Black Sails did and my I'm IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW! It's smart, has excellent writing, is a prequel to Treasure Island (although I've never read that :/ yeah, i know!) and every female character is a BADASS. Eleanor Guthrie, is the boss of everyone on Nassau Island! Anne Bonny is a killer lady pirate that isn't afraid to kill anyone. I could go on and on. But, you can read my recaps for that)
My recaps/articles for this show can be found here! READ/COMMENT! It helps so much <3 


-011. TV Show Episode. Stalker. 1/28/15'. Watched it cause P Tonks was in it. Phoebe Tonkin(kinda)
(As mentioned above, I only saw this episode for the Tonks and if you're a fan of her''s definitely worth the watch. You don't have to have seen the show (it's the 14th episode), I didn't and was totally fine understanding what was going on (it's similar to Law & Order in that sense). Phoebe Tonkin acts the shit out of it! Like seriously, after seeing this...I don't know why the Originals isn't giving her stuff like this. She has her natural Aussie accent in this, so maybe that's why (no offense, but even after being on American shows for so long, she still does a terrible job at an American accent. Claire Holt's is 10x better & sexier). It also feels like an AU episode of H2O. Like her character's bedroom is similar to Cleo's, she's a lifeguard...or am I just over-thinking it? (Probably).

-012. TV Show. Pretty Little Liars. 2/4/15'. Super behind (watching the beginning of Season 5.) Troian Bellisario. Ashley Benson. Lucy Hale. Shay Mitchell, etc.
(This show is perfection. I love SO many things about it! Sure there are a few things that could improve or omit (Aria's actions & Ezria), but everything else is SO spot on that I've just learned to overlook them. But tbh, not sure how I feel about Alison being back. I adore Sasha's acting; I guess I'm just thinking about the books then)

-013. TV Show. Orphan Black. 2/4/15'. Finished the last 3 eps of Season 2. Tatiana Maslany x 100. Jordan Gavaris. Evelyne Brochu.
(I have similar feels about this show like PLL tbh. But unlike with PLL, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SHOW! It's smart, features outstanding characters (multiple queer characters!!) and the storylines are fab. Tatiana is a genius that can portray literally any sort of person imaginable. I HIGHLY recommend this show! You'll get addicted fast.)

-014. TV Show. 

-000. Title. Release Date. Cast. Date Watched. (Comments)

-001.The Judge. 10/10/'14. Robert Downey Jr. Robert Duvall. Vincent Farmiga. Leighton Meester. 1/9/15'. (My roommates just had this on one night and I was all, "Okay, I guess I'll watch a bit of it. First, LEIGHTON MEESTER IS IN THIS! So immediately the film scores points for that. Second, I was really surprised how much I actually enjoyed this film. It's compelling and without spoiling anything, the viewer ends up sympathizing with a semi-unreliable narrator.


-002. All Cheerleaders Die. 9/15/13'. Caitlin Stasey. Sianoa Smit-McPhee. Brooke Butler.Amanda Grace Cooper, etc. 1/15/15'.
(WARNING: Since this movie is a horror film (technically, it really isn't that bad. This coming from a scardy cat of horror/scary movies), that it's a little on the gory/bloody side. Those that are squeamish, you've been warned. SO glad I got to watch this film! Caitlin Stasey acts the shit out of it and it features 3 queer characters guys!)

LINKS:, one of my tweets was featured on AfterEllen #GaySharks! (<-I can cross that off my bucket list)

*NOTE: Most listed above will be things that are new to me, unless stated otherwise.
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2014-11-03 11:29 pm

'Seeing Attraction' Chapters 1-4

 To whomever I’m allowing to read this…I must really trust you, cause like NO ONE has read this (aside from teachers & students from various classes).
As I edit/write this novel, I figured I’d post what I have to serve as motivation during NaNoWriMo & so I can finally finish this thing! PLEASE give me as MUCH constructive criticism as possible! If something doesn't make sense, aren't described as well, or if chapters don’t flow well (I’m worried about this, since I kinda began writing this as separate short stories then ended up just combining them.)
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2013-07-09 09:12 pm

Story; Behind Closed Doors (Laurel/Arianna)

So, I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this, but for the longest time my professor wanted me to write an intimate scene between Arianna & Laurel.

Sooo...I wrote this; it's not exactly a sex scene (which is what he originally wanted), but it definitely takes their relationship to a whole new level.

Fun Fact: my professor cried/got choked up while reading this! :)

Note: ughhh it won't let me cut...sooo, deal with it haha
I was currently sitting in Arianna’s room, Bear lying down next to me on Arianna’s bed, as his usual.
Even though it was mid-October, here in Florida, the weather outside was a scorcher, what with it being ninety degree weather and all.
I felt Bear breathing in and out rather heavily. Droplets of drool slid off of his tongue and soaked into Arianna’s comforter.
“Oh, she’s gonna be mad,” I muttered under my breath.
“Bear stop! You’re getting drool on the bed!” I swatted his nose and he cowered, lowering his head deeper into the blanket, thinking he was in trouble or something.
“What’d he do?” Arianna’s voice called out as she opened her bedroom door, walking into her room after had taking a shower.
Arianna’s mom was away on business for the weekend and she thought it would be best if someone kept her daughter company within those few days.
Arianna did not waste a second. She instantly called me and after much convincing from my Mom, she allowed for me to spend these next two nights at Arianna’s house. Well I needed to bring Bear along and check in with her every so often. Of course knowing my Mom there would be rules. It’s not like I’m going out of the country or anything.
I lightly stroked Bear’s head, while also lifting my head in the direction of Arianna’s door. “It appears that he got doggie slobber on your bed a little bit.” I felt around for the wet droplets that were currently soaking into the material of Arianna’s soft comforter.
Arianna walked over to her bed, her footsteps sounding delicate, like the way snow falls on the cold ground. She plopped down on her bed, one leg at a time, based on the way the bed jostled twice.
She scooted up next to me to investigate her comforter, the piece of her clothing rubbing up against my thigh. Wait, I recognize that familiar fabric. I brought my hand out and lightly brushed my fingers against the fabric, feeling the rough fibers of the material. “Are you wearing a towel?” I said to her.
“Yep, he definitely drooled.” Arianna said in unison.
Arianna was rubbing her comforter, but stopped after she realized I also said something.
All I could do to avoid this awkward conversation was grab a hold of Bear’s thick, soft fur. He immediately rolled over in hopes I would rub his stomach.
But I knew I had to ask her again.
After all she wasn’t saying anything. She was probably waiting for me to repeat myself.
“Are you wearing…a towel?” Why was I so intrigued by this? Was it because barely a week ago, I thought about kissing her during a drunken game of spin the bottle?
A brief pause occurred between us. Well, okay you could hear Bear panting softly next to me, and the fan that was briskly spinning high above us. He moved every which way, probably uncomfortable because of the heat.
“Uh, yeah. I did just come from the shower, ya doofus.”
Her hand lightly touched my arm and I felt her playfully push me in a joking manner.
All I could do was smile out of sheer awkwardness. Of course she would be wearing a towel for that reason. I thought.
I had to say something to her to make her think I hadn’t completely lost my mind. But of course all I could muster was, “Oh, right.”
What is wrong with you, Laurel? This is Arianna you’re talking to, not a stranger.
Because I wasn’t talking, Arianna got up off the bed, her feet landing softly on her soft as fur carpet.
Dresser drawers were being pried open, the squeaking sound resonating throughout the room. I could only imagine the trendy pajamas Arianna has; like a bright purple and blue polka-dotted tank with matching shorts or pink silk pajamas. Oh how soft the material would be on my skin. Wait, why am I thinking this?
I paused trying to come to my senses, taking a long breath in the process.
Why is Arianna being cool about this? Why isn’t she freaking out?
“You okay, Laurels. You seem kinda out of it.” Arianna asked me.
I didn’t say anything, couldn’t say anything. Why? Because Arianna is standing in front of me, completely exposed.
People always think they can get away with things in front of blind people. Like we won’t notice if you scratch your butt in public or that you roll your eyes the minute you see us. Sure, sometimes we aren’t able to pick up every little thing you do in front of us; but you’d be surprised at what we are able to detect.
I thought Arianna wasn’t that person, but I guess I was wrong.
“Earth to Laurel!”
I jolt back into reality.
Arianna walks closer to me, her footsteps hesitant and slow. “What’s up?” The second she places her hands on each of my shoulders I freeze; from the fact that she’s rubbing her hands up and down my shoulders and arms.
She thinks this is comforting, but to me it’s more like suffocating.
I reach out and grab a hold of Arianna’s hands and remove them from my body. A chill runs down my back.
Then suddenly, I transport back into my mind, imagining the two of us to be walking down a cobblestone road, holding hands as the sun pours down on us and the wind blows our hair every which way. And we’re happy, because we have each other.
“Stop!” I yell.
Bear lifts his head up from the bed, letting out a low whine from the sudden change in tone.
I’m not sure who I was yelling at, Arianna: for comforting me, or myself: for imagining that such a thing between Arianna and I was possible.
“What’s wrong?” She’s doing it again. This time she’s pushing long strands of my hair behind my ears.
“Just stop!” I push her hands off of me, this time with much force.
It’s then I knew I had to get out of there. I had to leave her room. It’s like the walls were slowly closing in on me. The thought of Arianna and I being alone in her bedroom made me uncomfortable, claustrophobic even.
But where could I go to escape from everything. My fears, my desires and most importantly: her.
Having been in Arianna’s house and bedroom several times within the past month, I know exactly where to go that is assessable to me right now.
The bathroom, which is located straight ahead of me and a little to the right.
Knowing exactly where it is and also knowing that Arianna has nothing lying around that could cause me trip or hinder my ‘dramatic exit’, I leap off the bed and quickly walk to where I think Arianna’s bathroom is.
Meanwhile, Bear is barking because I’ve gotten up suddenly without his knowing, and by now Arianna has gotten up and made her way towards me, saying various phrases like, “What’s wrong?” or “Laurel, where are you going?”
I know that Arianna has the advantage of grabbing a strong hold of me, bringing me back onto the bed and having a heart to heart about whatever the hell is going on with me.
But she doesn’t. I guess she knows that I want to be left alone.
Once I’m able to locate the doorknob, I don’t hesitate to open the door, shut it and lock myself inside.
I slide my body down to the cold marble tile of the bathroom, the intricate woodwork in the door rubbing against my back like sandpaper.
It’s like I’m in one of those romantic movies, when the protagonist has just been wronged and comes home a crying mess.
But the thing is, I’m not home; I’m in my friends Jack and Jill style bathroom, now muffling back tears. And no one has wronged me or caused me any harm, I’ve done that all myself.
I hear Arianna behind the door saying, “Laurel, please come out. What’s wrong? We can talk about whatever’s bothering you.”
I continue to blubber like an idiot on the other end. I notice I smell the faint hint of vanilla in Arianna’s bathroom.
The smell both intoxicates me and makes me want to throw up at the same time.
Bear’s barking loudly behind the door. He’s pawing at the door while Arianna keeps twisting the knob every which way.
I hope her door isn’t one of those easy doors that unlock with just a jab of a bobby pin.
“There’s nothing to talk about.” I finally say. At least I try to say as salty tears slowly make their way from my tear ducts to the bottoms of my cheeks.
Arianna drops to the ground as well, causing me to jump on the other side of the bathroom door.
“Well, there clearly is since you’ve locked yourself in my bathroom.” Arianna says rather calmly I might add. “You’re lucky there are multiple bathrooms in this house because I really have to pee.”
And leave it to Arianna to turn a serious moment into humorous.
I try to stifle back my laugh. I’m supposed to be sad, I think to myself.
I take a deep breath and try my best to explain what’s wrong. It would be great if I could actually explain things from time to time. I always end up just being too afraid of what people think and just mutter a phrase of something until someone changes the subject.
“Remember a couple weeks ago, when everyone was at my house.”
“Yeah, of course.” Arianna responds.
I hear Bear panting in front of the door. Sounds like Arianna is keeping him company, while I’m busy having a meltdown.
“Well, remember spin the bottle? And how the bottle I spun landed on you and…”
“We were supposed to kiss.” Arianna said for me. She knew exactly where this was going. “Then you were blubbering on and on about physical attraction and how you can’t like girls.”
More tears roll down my cheeks at just the memories of that time.
“Aw honey, I thought that was just the alcohol talking. Sometimes people get a little gay when they drink.”
I continue to just have Arianna talk for me. Have her piece the puzzles together so I hopefully don’t have to say anything else and we can go back to having fun.
“So, what are you trying to say, Laurel?” she asked me. “That you like me?”
“No.” Yeah, that was convincing. Not.
“Laurel.” Arianna said, it was like she was scolding Bear or something. She knew exactly what I was going to say.
“It’s just that when I’m with you, I’m the most happiest I’ve ever been, and probably that I’ll ever be. You treat me normal, like I don’t have this challenging disability to overcome everyday.”
Silence on the other end.
“You make me feel normal. It’s like I can do anything when I’m with you.”
“Laurel,” Arianna said.
Did she not feel the same way? Was she angry? Weirded out? Did she want me to leave?
But no she wasn’t at all.
“Unlock the door.”
And so I did, not because she told me to, but because of curiosity.
What came next was the most unexpected thing that has ever happened to me.
Wrapping her arms around my shoulders, she pulls me in closer.
She kisses me lightly.
It was sweet, simple, and most of all it felt right.

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2013-06-23 09:42 pm
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Non-Fiction; The Dream (Fiona Coyne)

I know I've posted this before somewhere, but I reallyyyyy love it! Like legit, it's my FAVORITE story I've ever written.
And since the lovely Fiona Coyne is no longer on Degrassi (D: I'll be okay, I promise!! *sobs*), I figured it was the perfect opportunity to post this!
It's actually really funny, my professor read this (& myself) aloud last year in my Advanced Creative Non-Fiction and when the twist happened my ENTIRE class just gasped really loud and were COMPLETELY invested in this story, it was AMAZING!
After class (which kinda upset me) one of the girls in my class said, "Your story was SO good! I wish it was real!"
I was like to myself, "Uh, okay, you wish one of my greatest fears actually happened? Hmmm...okay."
And even my professor was all, "Who knows? Maybe that'll happen someday." (or something along the lines).
(I had SO many issues with that professor last year!)

Oh and I have a few other non-fiction pieces that I like that you could read too (if you want??)

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2013-06-23 09:35 pm

Story; The Sting of the Past is Still Present (Laurel/Arianna)

I REALLY like this one! Well I will really like it once I freaking write the whole scene! haha
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2013-06-23 09:28 pm

Story; The Aftermath (Laurel Burke)

I really like this one! Well somewhat... I definitely think it needs to be tweaked abit (I always say that haha); like I think I need to include what happens prior to this scene/piece first in order for things to make sense (even though to be honest...I have NO clue what happens!)

And also: do you think this is TOO dramatic for our little Laurels to face?

Oh and you get mindtwin points if you can guess what inspired me while writing this! (I'll give you a hint; here's the quote from the show which i think you might know: "How could I forget?")

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2013-06-23 09:21 pm

Story; That One Night (Laurel/Arianna)

I might have posted this somewhere awhile again (originally in a close 3rd POV of Lily's) but I decided to change it in Laurel's POV; same story, just different POV/couple! :)
I'm personally not that fond of it, but whatevs. it's kinda canon?

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2013-06-23 09:13 pm

Story; The Party (Laurel Burke)

A/N: Again I'll expand on this/rewrite this. Just a cute scene in which Laurel attends a party with her brother, Will. Oh and the lovely Arianna appears! (of course!)

I wasn’t too keen on going to the party in the first place, but I figured since my brother Will and Arianna were going, I might as well tag along.
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2013-06-23 08:47 pm

Story; Thinking of You While With Him (Laurel Burke)

NOTE: This definitely needs some expanding/editing/rewriting,etc!! Actually one of my professors wants me to change this into 3rd person (she feels that the reader isn't really able to "see" in the point of view of Laurel). I would really love your thoughts on what I have written so far & if you think it should stay in first person or not)
Oh & I know the names are still the same as F&F, I'm keeping them that way just until I'm done with my direct study/writing class for the summer (since both of my professors are used to those names). I'll most likely end up changing them.

Also, writing in Laurel's point of view has made me REALLY adore her character and we DEFINITELY need to include her more in F&F2! She's SUCH an interesting character & so strong/independent even with her lack of sight! Well at least in my novel she is)

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2013-06-19 10:10 pm
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Story; Death Becomes Me (Emily Allen)

Yeah, remember when this was gonna be a webseries...haha. I decided to try & write a bit of it a few years ago. A part of me would really love to start writing this again. But until that happens...there's this.
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2012-05-09 09:32 pm

Story; Julia's Reveal (Julia Simmons)

 NOTE: This is supposed to make NO sense/be confusing. This was a stylistic parody for my Fiction Writing 2 class & I was parodying a story with a similar style as this.

I'm actually really proud of this...not only is this really personal (a lot of the dialogue that Julia & Quinn share actually happened between my roommate & I)...but I don't know...I just think I nailed the style & I'm shocked that I even wrote this & got all of this out of my system (writing is so therapeutic sometimes).

There were a ton of things I was going to add to this such as Julia calling herself a "bi-esbian", more drunken craziness, and a bit more Julia/Arianna-ness...but whatever. I've rewritten this story SO many times...I don't even care anymore.

Oh & sorry it's all in one paragraph...the story I was parodying did that originally.

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2012-04-24 10:35 pm

story; Unnecessary Distraction (Julia/Arianna)

 So for my Dreams in Fiction Writing class...we had to write an erotic dream sequence. Yeah, I know.  And to be completely honest, the first idea that popped into my head was a Julia/Arianna fantasy dream (I've been writing a lot of stories for class in Julia's's really fun/interesting writing in her POV). 

But the thought of writing a sex scene (let alone a lesbian sex scene...i didn't want to screw it up!) terrified I had my roommate, Kara,
write a lot of it. So she wrote quite a bit...then I
 finished it.

Ugh...I think it's terrible (minus Kara's part) but whatever. 

She wrote from: "Julia leaned back in her bed and felt her head sink in her pillow." to "Julia gently kissed Arianna neck in response." and then I changed a few words here & there to make it sound like I wrote it..haha.

Enjoy! (tell me how bad it is!)

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Julia shifted turning to her side and in one swoop of her right arm embraced her bright blue bed spread.  The material crumpled underneath her arm and she took another deep breath. Drifting into lucid dreaming, Julia suddenly felt a light touch on her arm as though it was a graze of a hand. It felt warm, caring, and most of all…right. The touch moved to her face, brushing away her hair and slowly moved down towards her chest. Julia’s eyes opened slowly only to see Arianna’s blue eyes. Julia had already known it was her. The world for a moment felt simple as if the two small and delicate people lying on the blue bed comforter were the only ones that were important in this god forsaken world. 
Julia’s head moved towards Arianna only to be met with a soft and gentle kiss. The kiss felt like an explosion of fireworks to Julia and as the kiss continued it felt more and more comfortable, more and more right. Julia unbuttoned her bright pink cardigan, one button at a time and Arianna unzipped her forest green skirt. The skirt slid down Arianna’s legs and suddenly there was no barrier separating them. They clinged to each other as they kissed. Julia and Arianna felt as though they were one. Julia felt Arianna’s hand move down her body from her shoulders, to her stomach, and felt her pants unbutton. Julia’s heart skipped a beat as she felt Arianna reach underneath. Julia gently kissed Arianna's neck in response.
Julia did not want this feeling to end. This feeling of closeness, this feeling of pure bliss. She felt if she died right now, she would be the happiest girl in the world.
Arianna began to send a trail of soft, warm kisses down Julia’s body. From the nape of her neck all the way to below her stomach. 
Julia gasped at the overwhelming emotions she was feeling. This was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. She wish it would never end.
Julia tightly gripped her headboard. A sudden jolt of electricity shot through her. At least that what it felt like.
Julia’s entire body felt like it was going to explode. She knew what was going to happen. 
Just when Julia was really enjoying this sexual encounter with the girl of her dreams, she quickly woke up from her very obscure yet very exciting dream.
Julia now knew that these feelings for Arianna Cromwell were never going to go away. A part of her hated this fact, but there was another part of her that wanted to embrace it.


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2012-03-06 10:02 pm

Story; Dreams of Normality (Arianna Cromwell)

 I kinda like this...but then I kinda don't. There was just SO much that I wanted to have happen in it, that I kinda rushed it & I don't think I portrayed all the emotion I wanted to. And I wrote this in first person (Arianna's POV), since while I was writing this in my Fiction Writing tutoring class, my tutor felt (& I agreed) that I would convey a lot more emotion in first yep, I tried my best to capture Arianna's voice.

Let me know what you think.

I peered at my reflection in the floor length mirror in my room. I was currently inspecting my outfit for tonight’s festivities. Tonight was the big Homecoming Dance and for once in my life, I finally had a date this year. I was going with the beautiful, Lily Collins. 

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2012-03-03 01:53 am
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story; Happiness/Sadness Room (Rose/Lily)

this is really old (from about a year ago)...but I figured since I'm on my computer at home (& it seems to be corporating nicely), I'd post some old stuff on my computer...just so I had SOMETHING else on here!
I believe you've read this ya go! :)


(I ship Lily with Everyone!) )
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2012-02-27 12:12 pm

story; the drunken outing (arianna/lily)

Lily Collins is the new girl in school. But she’s not interested in making friends. Instead of partying and gossiping in the wee hours of the night, Lily spends her time studying. But then she meets Arianna Cromwell, the freaky weirdo girl at her new school, and surprisingly the two hit it off. This leads to a invitation to a party. At this party she decides to have a little bit of fun. After all she deserves it. What will occur on this crazy Friday night?
Arianna Cromwell/Lily Collins

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