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2016 Scrapbook!!  
Kelly's 2016 Scrapbook!
  • WRITE MORE! (Whether that be recaps, F&F/fic, fiction...just write more, okay?!) (So far, I suck at this)
  • Get a big girl job (this girl does not want to pay for her own insurance come November)DONE!
  • Be more assertive/extroverted/not give a damn what people think (working on this...)
  • 'Come out' to the fam (if the moment is 'right', etc.)
  • Actually complete this scrapbook!!

= favorite
= well written, outstanding production, gold, etc.
= lgbtq+ related
= shows/films I cover/write about on various sites!

LET'S DO THIS!!! (and actually finish this!)


Favorites: (anything I adore/obsess over during each month. Ex: People, Places, Food, Items, etc.)*
-January: Katherine McNamara (goddess and wonderful human being & I'm in LOVE), Shadowhunters, Rowan Blanchard (future Caitlin Stasey), Halsey

-000. Album. Artist. Release Date. (Comments).
-001. Badlands by: Halsey. 08/28/15, (love.love.love. I had heard a few of her songs & liked them. It was until I actually sat down and listened to the majority of this album's tracklist, did I fall in love. Not only is her music catchy as shit, but incredibly honest & thought provoking. Plus, she identifies as bisexual! Represent!
-Fave Songs: "Gasoline", "New Americana", "Colors". "Drive"

-000, Title. Artist. (Comments and/or Favorite Lyrics)
-001. "Black Magic" by: Little Mix. 05/21/15. -"Take a sip of my secret potion. I'll make you fall in love. For a spell that can't be broken. One drop should be enough." (Lauren'll love me for adding this. IT'S SO CATCHY!)
Books: ------ (this will change...hopefully)

-000. Format. Title. Release Date. Cast. Date Watched. (Comments).
-001. Web Series. Out With Dad. 07/8/10. Kate Conway. Lindsey Middleton. Jonathan Robbins/Will Conlon. Caitlynne Medrek, etc. Started watching right before Season 3 aired, I think? Binged watched both seasons in a couple of days. Now, watching as new episodes come out.
(This show though! I know I say how great & outstanding a show is...to just about everything I watch. But this webseries takes the cake! It focuses on a single dad raising his teenage daughter. She starts questioning her sexuality, and in turn the father wonders if her daughter is gay, too. What's great about it is it focuses on both the daughter's & father's perspective on coming out (and life in general) and..it's actually relate-able. Not just in that aspect, either! The teen characters on the show live relatively normal teenage lives and act as though any teenager would. There are no crazed parties filled with underage drinking, ridiculous fashion choices (*coughPLLcough*) & the actors look like high schoolers! And can I just mention the topics within the LGBTQ+ community they focus on: coming out (duh), being outed, transgender representation, bisexual representation (this includes biphobia!!), religious unsupportive parents (also Catholic schools!), the issues of lgbtq+ homelessness, and the list goes on and on. Episodes range from 3-22 minutes, and it's currently in its 4th season.
They air episodes monthly (sometimes twice a month!). Also: the show is completely made via donations. So, if you watch the show and adore it...PLEASE think about donating. Even something as little as a $1 a month helps. (Personally, I recommend donating $5 so you can receive exclusive behind the scenes content/rough drafts of episodes!) Go here to donate. If you're looking for more LGBTQ+ content, WATCH THIS SHOW! You won't regret it. Note: Season 4 is a little iffy tbh, but it's 1) due to a 3 year time jump (& they originally were going to be done with the series...even though the S3 finale left off SUCH a cliffhanger) and 2) during early s4 eps, their budget was super minimal. But 10 episodes in Season 4 and overall episodes are improving immensely. As you can see, I'm a little passionate about this show.
-002. TV Show. Reign. (In Mid Season 3). 1/8/16. Watching as it airs. Adelaide Kane. Torrance Coombs. Megan Follows. Anna Popplewell, etc.
(Hahaha, my 2015 scrapbook & saying how I love this show. I consider this show the Glee of historical(?) dramas. Had a great first season, and decent early second season. Then Mary/Conde/Francis happened (among other things) and everything went to shit. The writing, the character development, etc. And, why did Caitlin have to leave come Season 3?! (Her face made the show more tolerable). But with my obligations to recap/review the show (& that I have to watch every show I start until it ends), I must continue to watch it. Season 4, you look doubtful.
My Recaps/Articles for this show can be found here! READ/COMMENT! It helps me/our site SO much!
-003. TV Show. Girl Meets World. (In Mid Season 2) 1/8/16. Watching as it airs. Ben Savage. Danielle Fishel. Rowan Blanchard. Sabrina Carpenter, etc.
(Still love this freaking show! It continues to reference back to its predecessor, Boy Meets World, and touch on great topics. Also, I am Rilaya trash. I have every faith in this show that it'll eventually feature some sort of an LGBTQ+ character/couple. *prays*)
-004. TV Show. Shadowhunters. (Series Premiere/Season 1). 1/12/16. Watching (& live-tweeting!) as it airs. Katherine McNamara. Dominic Sherwood. Emeraude Toubia. Alberto Rosende. Matthew Daddario. Harry Shum Jr., etc.
(I never expected myself to adore this show as much as I do. I blame Kat/the cast. Everything that I love about the show, the show has. And everything I hate...diminished/only slightly present (sorry Jace/Clary fans). Looking forward to how this show unfolds. Will easily be my favorite show overall this year.)
My Recaps/Articles for this show can be found here! READ/COMMENT! It helps me/our site SO much! Please, I want to talk about this show/ships/characters/actors at LENGTH!!!
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JE SUIS LOSER: music | 오이[personal profile] taeyeons on January 27th, 2016 03:38 am (UTC)
kelly!: Kat McNamara[personal profile] graceviolet on January 27th, 2016 04:30 am (UTC)
Yes!! I can hear Lauren already saying "I told you so" with how awesome Little Mix is.

And too much isn't going on here with the scrapbook? I like the gifs of my favorite ships (well sans 'Reign'...*shakes fist in the air* that show!), but I hope they're not overboard. I'll figure it out.

Edited 2016-01-27 04:30 am (UTC)
JE SUIS LOSER: music | all jessicas are pretty[personal profile] taeyeons on January 28th, 2016 12:59 am (UTC)
I've been getting into One Direction too...I never thought it would happen, but...it has. Lauren has been right all along.

NO!! I like it! It's beautiful and it will be fun to look back on it throughout the year/in the future. And yeah, fucking Reign. I'm still behind but I have a general idea of what's occurred and >:(.
kelly!: tv: Fiona/Imogen[personal profile] graceviolet on January 30th, 2016 06:02 am (UTC)
Same! I really only like their singles ("Steal My Girl", "Drag Me Down", "What Makes You Beautiful" (duh), etc). But yeah, we should just go to Lauren for music recommendations, cause she's spot on.

Oh good!! :D Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. If I keep up with this scrapbook (*crosses fingers*), it'll be filled with pretty photos & gifs galore!
Reign. Fucking Reign. I am 2 recaps behind and I don't even care anymore (I've been slacking on recaps this entire TV season, it's ridiculous).
Like yeah girl, I think you can gather what's happened. Like that I'm fine with. But the writing went wayyy down hill even before that (mid season 2). It better not get renewed for a fourth season.
The entire 'Reign' cast should just somehow get on 'Shadowhunters' & reunite with Alan Van Spring.
JE SUIS LOSER: tv | #ghey[personal profile] taeyeons on August 7th, 2016 04:03 pm (UTC)
kelly![personal profile] graceviolet on August 7th, 2016 06:57 pm (UTC)
I KNOW! I know!! I will!! I have a whole bunch of shit to add to this.
Including a section I want to add of my Favorite Kat McNamara photo each month in 2016. Yeah, that's going to be hard to choose.
JE SUIS LOSER: music | Pops 내 입안에 녹아 내리는 중[personal profile] taeyeons on August 31st, 2016 04:24 pm (UTC)
I fully support this project.